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Do you want to find out more about the gerenuk?

Are you interested in learning what this unique animal looks like?

Have you ever wanted to see gerenuk images and pictures while you’re learning about this exciting creature?

If any of this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

Gerenuks are very pleasant to look at, and their beautiful, elegant shape can be both fun and nice to see. These creatures can give you a sense of calm as you admire them standing or eating, and they can also provide a sense of urgency and intensity when you find pictures and images of them moving and running through the African plains.

By looking at pictures of gerenuks, you can learn more about these animals from every angle. You’ll find out just what their unique head and neck look like, and you can see how they move, run, eat, and live. Looking at pictures is a good way to get started with a basic understanding of this creature and its features, too.

If you find yourself at a loss for how to progress when it comes to learning and educating yourself about the gerenuk, then the pictures on our list below may be able to help.

Gerenuk Pictures

Gerenuk Image #1:

By Aaron Logan [CC BY 1.0 (]

This picture can give you a good look at a gerenuk’s whole body at once. This way, you can see just how the head and neck look with the body of the animal, and you can compare its thin neck to its spindly legs, too This picture is a good example of just why people think the gerenuk is related to the giraffe, even though it isn’t really. It’s also a good view of the cute face of this animal.

Gerenuk Image #2:

Katrin Arndt [CC BY-SA 2.5 (]

If you want to see a gerenuk standing on its hind legs while eating, this picture can help. In fact, it shows three of these unique creatures doing just that. This image can show you the height of the gerenuk when it stands on its back legs, and it can also help you better understand how the animal uses its legs and neck to reach its favorite vegetation in higher branches of trees, too. If you’ve ever wondered just what the gerenuk looks like when it’s feasting on plant life, this picture can help you learn more.

Gerenuk Image #3:

BombX [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Take a look at this photo to get another, clearer view of the gerenuk standing on its back legs and eating from the branches of a tree. By looking at this picture, you can see that the gerenuk is capable of eating plant life from the middle height of trees. Other, smaller animals tend to eat the vegetation at the base of the tree and on the ground, while taller animals like giraffes reach the higher branches. In this way, the gerenuk can reach its own little “dining area” and enjoy the vegetation without a lot of interference from other animals.

Gerenuk Image #4:

Ben Lunsford [CC BY-SA 3.0 us (]

There are several differences between female and male gerenuks. Although they tend to be more or less the same color and have similar facial structures, the males are a lot bigger in both height and weight than the females. More notably, male gerenuks have long horns that stick out from the tops of their heads. As they grow, the horns grow too. When they reach maturity, their horns will be about as long as they will ever be. These animals use their horns to fight each other over territorial disputes, and sometimes to fight back against predators—although this is rare.

Gerenuk Image #5:

Gerenuk – Samburu, Kenya

This photo shows a small gerenuk standing on its thin legs and looking for food in a tree. The picture provides a different look at the way the animal’s body moves and how it’s shaped, too. By looking at this image, you can see how the gerenuk’s head and neck can turn as it forages for vegetation to munch on. You can also see just how much of its height is made up of its legs, and you can take a look at the head shape when viewed from the side too.

Gerenuk Image #6:

Lip Kee from Singapore, Republic of Singapore [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

Ever wanted to see what the back of a gerenuk looks like? How about its tail or the back of its head? If so, this picture can help! This photo shows the gerenuk when viewed from behind. You can see that it has a short, thin tail that it swishes from side to side, and you can also see how its back legs are positioned and bent to give it the best support for standing up as it looks for food. This gerenuk looks as though it is checking the area for predators, which it may well be doing.

Gerenuk Image #7:

BFS Man from Webster, TX, USA [CC BY 2.0 (]

This picture shows two gerenuks standing near each other. One of them is eating something from a tree, while the other seems to be waiting patiently for a turn. These gerenuks are kept in captivity, so their behavior is a little different from what you’d see out in the wilds of Africa. Even so, they are more or less the same, and you can get a good look at their body shape and size by viewing this image. The gerenuk in the foreground seems to be a male, while the one in the back is more likely a female.

Gerenuk Gif Sources

If you’re looking for a gerenuk gif instead, you may have some trouble finding something like this. However, there are a few venues you can check to find animated gifs of gerenuks. Try the following:

  • Pinterest. This site is full of images, but it may also contain gifs in some instances. Keep in mind that it can be hard to find the original source of images and gifs from Pinterest, and that the quality may be very poor because of this.
  • Giphy. This site has lots of gifs, and you can search by keyword. It has the same quality issue as Pinterest, and you may find the same gif uploaded over and over again here too. This site may contain some adult content, so proceed with caution.
  • Google images. If all else fails, check Google images to look for gifs of gerenuks instead. You can change the search filters to help narrow down your options and find only gifs, and you can also turn on SafeSearch to weed out any adult content if you prefer.

Gerenuk Video

Do you feel like you’ve had enough gerenuk content, or do you want a little bit more? Now that you’ve seen some pictures, are you ready to watch a gerenuk video or two? If you’re interested in seeing some footage of these animals in action and expanding your knowledge even further than the pictures above, check out these three videos. They can give you a good starting point to help you get more familiar with the gerenuk and its appearance, too. And, as an added bonus, they’re also cute and fun to watch!

Gerenuk Video #1:

Gerenuk Calf is Born & Takes First Steps!

Do you want to see a cute gerenuk baby? This video, provided by the Phoenix Zoo, shows a mother gerenuk giving birth to a baby. After it’s born, the baby starts trying to stand up, but it wobbles and falls over often. The mother waits for it patiently until it finally gets the hang of standing up and, eventually, walking along with her. This is a very sweet video that shows one of nature’s many miracles. It is a little graphic right at the beginning, however, so it may not be ideal for younger children.

Gerenuk Video #2:


If you just can’t get enough gerenuk footage, check out this San Diego Zoo video as well. This video shows a lot of gerenuks standing up on their back legs, and it also includes some narration and further information to educate you about this behavior. The information comes from one of the zoo’s gerenuk keepers, so it’s very factual and backed by lots of experience too. When you want to see this animal standing up and eating while learning a little more about it at the same time, this video is a great resource.

Gerenuk Video #3:

Gerenuk. Giraffe Neck

This video comes from a documentary channel and provides more information about the gerenuk, including plenty of true facts. Although it’s only a few minutes long, this video can help you get a better idea of this animal overall as well as its habitat and how it functions in the wild. This video can also give you a good example of how to really pronounce the name of the gerenuk, which can be challenging for some people.

These videos can give you a good head start toward understanding the gerenuk. When you see these peaceful creatures moving, walking, and eating, you can learn more about how they work as part of their surrounding ecosystems. The more videos you watch, the more you’ll learn!

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